Technical requirements


The necessary technical requirements are now available in almost every household.


  • Computer with camera and microphone or
  • Tablet or
  • Smartphone and
  • Access to the Internet


What happens if the connection breaks?


Don't worry! Even if the connection should break off and you are currently under hypnosis, you can easily end the trance yourself. You cannot "get stuck" in hypnosis, because hypnosis does not involve a loss of control. Some people fall into a light sleep by relaxing in familiar surroundings - only to wake up again by themselves and recovered.


Advantages of the video consultation


No risk of infection

No access routes

Familiar surroundings


How does a video appointment work?


We arrange an appointment for our video consultation. At this time we can talk about your concerns in peace. If our discussion goes well, then the actual hypnosis application is still in this or a subsequent appointment nothing more in the way.