Michaela Esswein

For more than 14 years I’ve been professionally active as a Senior Recruitment Manager and Senior Change Manager with a focus on Digital Transformation in the areas of HR and Recruitment.


I’m used to quickly and precisely adjusting to people and to attentively listen to them. As an expert in the field of Digital Transformation, I am aware of the unbelievable speed of market demands towards people.


Over the past eight years I have increasingly experienced the struggle of many companies for the best of employees in order to remain competitive in the market or to change. Working cultures need to undergo mandatory changes, leadership must be exemplified in a different way and employees have long since ceased to be petitioners. But I also know from my many interviews with candidates as well as companies that the topic of comprehensiveness is a compelling one.
Only very few companies are ready to face these big transformation processes and, above all, forget one thing: With digital transformation, virtually everything is changing at a roaring speed. It is not only about IT processes. It concerns morals, philosophy, humanity in the best of senses, value change. This asks too much of management, employees, whole organizations - irrespective of a given industry.
Digital transformation expressly demands personal transformation. To become digital means to be even more human.
I’ve been busying myself intensely with social topics ever since my youth, both the ethical as well as the moral/philosophical backgrounds. Besides raising two wonderful daughters, who are now grown up and ready to plan and live their own lives, a fulfilled, uneven, but totally satisfying and instructive course of live up to now, with its heights and strokes of fate, which we all can’t avoid, these topics have always been my driving force and still are today. I love people and I enjoy interacting with them. My background with respect to my main job, as well as the additional training to become a hypnotherapist, round up a holistic perspective and search for solutions both for individuals and companies.

  • How do we manage to be content and yet to remain hungry for life?
  • Are we really making an effort to understand other people, to understand ourselves?
  • Do we pay close enough attention to ourselves?
  • Do we have people looking after ourselves in case we can’t cope so well?
  • How do people cope with personal strokes of fate?
  • How do our children feel when they see us constantly stressed out and strained?
  • Are we role models?
  • Can we serve as role models at all? 
  • Are we still able to trust?
  • Ourselves, others?
  • How frankly and openly do we deal with our intimate relationships?
  • Do we know where our passions and talents are?
  • Why are there so many people who, seemingly all of a sudden, get fears and phobias such as vertigo, fear of flying etc.?
  • Why do you, for example, smoke or drink so much?
  • Or why do you display an arrogant attitude in order to avoid emotional hurt?
  • Why do you lie to the people who love you (children, family, partner) or who are financially dependent on you (employees), just to keep up appearances or to avoid conflict / the truth?


All of this concerns us first of all personally on the one hand, but it also reflects, of course, to our surroundings on the other hand, be it professionally or privately.