Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss


Hypnotherapy Is a type of tuneful therapy in which hypnosis is used to generate a circumstance of focused attention and increased suggestibility during which positive suggestions and guide imagery are used to help individuals deals with a variety of concerns and issues.


Why does Hypnosis work so competently for losing weight?


Just the basic word diet indicates something you do temporarily. So, you diet AGAINST your normal sequence of behavior which are in your unconscious mind. You may lose a little weight, temporarily. But you see, because your subconscious mind likes to keep things consistent it will regulate your body to go back to what it was doing before the diet. Isn't that true?


Your subconscious mind holds all your unconscious beliefs; beliefs you may not even know that you have. These are the beliefs that keep the weight on your body.

The subconscious is NOT a bad guy. Well, no one is really at fault when it comes to your weight. Your subconscious just does whatever it is programmed to do. It has received bad programming, through the proposal it picks up through your five senses; hearing, seeing, taste, touch, smell. Plus, your habits involve a big role as do your emotions.


So, no matter how hard you try to break a habit at a conscious level of mind, your subconscious mind is much more powerful and will win you over, eventually causing you to go back to what is considered normal for you. This is definitely NOT because you are weak willed by any means. It is just the way our brains function best for us.


For example: Let's look at anything that you learn how to do. Eventually these things become a program, that is hard-wired into your subconscious mind, which frees up your conscious mind to do other things, primarily analyze, make decisions, and learn new things. Can you imagine if you had to rely on your conscious mind every time you need to remember how to drive your car, write a sentence, type, read a book, speak, or play sports? Remember when you first did these things? They were completely conscious endeavors. Now that they have formed into existing behavior patterns within your subconscious mind, they are there for you, without even thinking about them.

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Now, imagine un-learning these things!


For example, a new language AND forgetting English at the same time (or your native tongue)!!! Or writing with your left hand if you're right handed and vice versa.


THIS is how hard it is to change your habits when it comes to food or weight or anything!


Like I said before, it's not that you are weak. It's just the way your brain works and it's really to your advantage that it works this way.


Through hypnosis, we can talk straight away to your subconscious mind and speed up the process of change by changing the programs. And even though your subconscious mind is 10x more powerful than your conscious mind, it readily accepts new information when you bi-pass what we call the critical factor, which is what happens during hypnosis.


As you can see, in order to make true, permanent changes in your life, it is necessary to get your subconscious mind in agreement with what you want to accomplish... rather than oppose and compete to work against it.


Hypnosis will have you insufficient to eat the accurate  kinds of foods. WANTING to drink more water. WANTING to exercise.


Now, sometimes and matter of fact in most cases of over or under weight, weight is usually a symptom rather than a cause. In hypnosis we can address the various causes.


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What diet can be increase pure than a hypnosis diet?


There is no perfect weight; only you know what is the right weight for your best health and happiness. Your body knows how to stable itself in right eating and health habits to seek and maintain good weight, health and well-being. Losing weight is not a panacea; there are issues at every level of weight.




           False Body Image

           Negative Thinking

           Early Childhood Habits

           Improper Nutrition (are you a fast food junkie?)

           Information Overload; i.e. What should I count?

v          Carbohydrates? Fats? Protein? Calories?

           Lack of Exercise

           Not Drinking Enough Water

           Types of Diets




Hypnosis can also inspire you to want to eat accurate, exercise, and increase your metabolism. Hypnosis can also help with eating mess, compulsive eating, a food addiction, watching nutrition, and much more!