Hypnosis For Fear and Phobias

We all need to perceive some level of fear. In dangerous situations, such as if your house is on fire, your body will trigger the natural ‘fight or flight’ response, where adrenaline is activated and increased, enabling you to get out of the house quickly. But in the case of a phobia, this response can be activating even when the threat is minimal or non-existent. For example, it is natural to be afraid of a snarling Doberman that is unattended, but it is irrational to be terrified of a sweet poodle that is with his owner on a leash 100 yards away; but this is how you may feel if you suffer from extreme fear or phobia of dogs.


What’s more, almost everyone has an irrational fear: just the thought of visiting the dentist, public speaking or even a tiny spider can bring on sweating or palpitations. Many people can manage these irrational fears – but when fear prevents you from doing something you want to do or makes you avoid something for irrational reasons, it has become a disabling factor in your life and can be called a phobia.


When you have a phobia, most likely you know it is irrational but you still cannot control how you feel and react. If you are avoiding socializing with people or taking classes for fear of the attention; not taking a promotion that would mean giving presentations; missing doctor/dentist appointments because of fear of blood; not visiting family/friends because of the drive there; walking an extra two miles to avoid crossing a bridge, then you may have a phobia.


Hypnotherapy For Phobias & Fears 


Hypnotherapy is the ideal approach to overcoming any Fears and Phobias. These powerful mind techniques are highly effective and proven in challenging negative thoughts and changing how the subconscious mind reacts to different situations.

Hypnosis For Fear and Phobias Spain

I can help you overcome your fear with:


Help in let out any emotional attachments/blocks from past events

Breathing and relaxation techniques to manage feelings

There is no fear or phobia that is not treatable. Here are some of the more common ones:


•           Fear of Flying 

•           Fear of Heights 

•           Fear of Water 

•           Fear of Wasps and Bees 

•           Fear of Death 

•           Fear of Open Spaces 

•           Fear of Enclosed Spaces

•           Fear of Public Speaking 

•           Fear of Dogs 

•           Fear of Needles 

•           Fear of Blood 

•           Fear of Spiders 

•           Fear of Darkness 

The list of fears and phobias is endless.  If your fear or abnormal fear, whatever it may be, is having a negative impact on you or is limiting your full participation in life, then it’s time to take steps to rid yourself of it permanently.


Let’s talk about Fear of Flying:


Fear of Flying is an imprudent worry about air travel. It is very common and can affect one in ten people. The Fear of Flying may occur because people have never flown before, had a traumatic experience during a flight, or neither and the fear of travelling by plane just arises out of nowhere.


Generally, people are afraid of flying many say:


I don’t like the feeling of not being in control

I am afraid of enclosed spaces

I fear the plane will crash

I feel anxious and panicky during the take-off and landing

They experience some or all of the following symptoms:


•           Breathlessness

•           Tight chest

•           Sweating

•           Panic

•           Knot in stomach

•           Palpitations

•           Feelings of dread


It can be such a relief to know that the Fearful of Flying can be easily and successfully treated. Without require medication or alcohol to suppress any anxious or panicky feelings.

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