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Face to Face Hypnosis For Anxiety & Depression

Everyone feels anxious or afraid at some point in their life.  But one in three people

tolerate from severe Anxiety or panic disorder.  If you are one of them, suppose that you can escape the grip of angst and move on to live your life fully and with confidence.

What makes one person anxious may not influence another person.  Break-ups, exams, stress, work, work/life imbalance can all activate different levels of angst in different people.


Apprehension and angst can be frightening if not fully understood. Many people think they are having a congestive heart failure or stroke or even going crazy. Anxiety can plain in many different ways, including constant worry, irritability, negative thoughts, perfectionism and needing constant reassurance.  Physically, anxiety can cause muscular strength tension, headaches, sweating, shaking, difficulty sleeping, diarrhea, lack of

attentiveness and difficulty breathing.



If such signs are left unchallenged they can influence our everyday lives. Negative thoughts can create negative behavioral patterns and negative feelings in the body, as well as an overall feeling of powerlessness. Some people take a pill to deal with anxiety around certain short term issue – to get them through a flight, a course, a presentation or to sleep better. But medication is not the best way-out for either the short or the long term.

So if you are ready to use Hypnotherapy to boost your confidence, calmness and inner peace, talk to me about how my method can help you:


Reduce anxiety, worry and panic

Feel calm, relaxed and in control

Boost your confidence and self-belief

Stop the inner censurer, think and feel more positive

Live your life more fully and achieve your goals.


Anxiety has become the epidemic of modern society. Hypnosis has been proven to be a strong and valid tool to help individuals find freedom from it. We are not supposed to be anxious on a daily or weekly basis. That is not the motive of that procedure and with hypnotherapy we can teach the mind what it once knew. We weren't born anxious, overweight, nail biting or smoking. These are all behaviors we picked up while living life.

 This means if the mind was capable to memorize them, we can use the same process and have the mind learn something else instead. Sometimes we reach a point where we feel like we cannot control what is happening to us including our reaction to it. Yet here you are, so very close to answers because ultimately all answers lie within, one has to be willing to make the decision to find them. A decision to take back control, a decision to make a change, a decision to display self-care and a step towards what it is that will help you get there.

"You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." - Martin Luther King Jr