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How Can Hypnotherapy Help You?


✓ Risk of stress / burn out

✓ STOP Smoking

✓ LOSS Weight

✓ Anger Management

✓ Public speaking confidence

✓ Fear of Flying

✓ Be free of Phobia

✓ Increase sexual Libido

✓ Overcome Impotence (when you are mentally blocked)

✓ Ultimate Relaxation (a deep relaxation Hypnosis is like a day in a Spa or a short Holiday)

✓ Problems to fall asleep, sleeplessness

✓ Insecurity/shyness

✓ Addictive behavior (cocaine, alcohol, gambler etc.)

✓ Traumata/compulsive behaviors

✓ Constant feeling of sadness

✓ Frequent feelings of guilt

✓ Lack of self-confidence (feeling inferior)



Hypnotherapy in Barcelona

What is the interval between sessions?


As a rule, there is a gap of 1-3 weeks between sessions. At the beginning of treatment, I usually work a little more closely and increase the intervals between sessions in the course of treatment.




For people who come from abroad or to whom I travel, I also offer block dates that take place on consecutive days.


How many hypnosis sessions are necessary?


How many hypnosis sessions are needed to achieve sustainable success is very different. Most patients take between 3-8 sessions, but some topics require more sessions.




Under hypnosis, we jointly work on a way to defeat your addictions or fears. I’ll take my time getting to know you and you will get to know me. This so-called anamnesis is important to comprehensively find out what’s burdening and disturbing you. We’ll discover in which situations you feel especially uncomfortable. And take a look at the surroundings. Only when I know exactly about the who, what, how, where and why do we go deeper with hypnosis. Under hypnosis, you’ll be in a position to dissolve engrained behavioral patterns. Dogmas will be reprogrammed. Blockages freed and fears dissolved. Most of the time, a single appointment has a profound effect already. Let it sink in. In all following sessions, if necessary or if you want, we’ll subsequently consider whether the activation of your subconscious was sufficient to achieve your desired goals.


YOU do it. I merely support you with my knowledge and my experience.



Having solved a problem, letting go of a fear, changing a behavior which is not sound, breaking old patterns, in itself is a refreshing feeling for soul, body and mind. You can feel empathy towards yourself and others and yet be down to earth, experience and fully live your life.

What Does a Hypnotherapist Do?

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