Which of your problems do you want to tackle NOW?

✓ Risk of stress / burn out
✓ Relaxation issues
✓ Problems to fall asleep, sleeplessness

✓ Insecurity/shyness
✓ Addictive behaviour (smoker, cocaine, alcohol, gambler etc.)
✓ Phobias such as fear of flying, vertigo, arachnophobia etc.
✓ Weight problems (underweight and overweight)

✓ Traumata/compulsive behaviours
✓ Constant feeling of sadness
✓ Frequent feelings of guilt
✓ Lack of self-confidence (feeling inferior)

Or which one is your topic, what matters to you?

Having solved a problem, letting go of a fear, changing a behavior which is not sound, breaking old patterns, in itself is a refreshing feeling for soul, body and mind. You can feel empathy towards yourself and others and yet be down to earth, experience and fully live your life.
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