Life and Business Coaching Barcelona

Life and Business Coaching Barcelona



Where is the solution? Just how can I get out of this situation? 


Hypnosis is not always the right path to pursue or you just don’t want any hypnosis at all, but support nevertheless.






Then coaching might be the right choice for you. Sometimes all that is required is someone at your side. Someone who supports you with empathy and yet in a very clear and reflected way. Who shows you in conversations, where and how things can move on. Because you often get entangled in your personal self-perception. It’s really not that easy to come out of this personal organizational blindness. I’ll help you with that. I’ll be your mirror.

I won’t give you any advice. Much more so, it is you yourself who will find the way. I’m there to help you find the right turns at the crossroads.

How do we start?

  • You invest in your well-being. Feeling good in your own body. Feeling good in your job.
  • Feeling good in a particular surrounding. What do you have to bring along?
  • Be curious.
  • Have the courage to find out unpleasant things about yourself as well.
  • Be open to learn about new things.
  • Be willing to accept the new experiences and what you learned about yourself.
  • Be ready to let go.
  • Have faith that the unknown will bring positive results.
  • Look forward to: Getting back more joy, laughter and quality of life, being able to shape your life again the way you want it to be, being self-confident and secure, suddenly seeing many new possibilities to develop yourself further.


Then let’s find out together when I can best help and support you. Let’s arrange an appointment online or offline . 
Or do you have a very special feel-good location? Coaching appointments are also possible at your favorite location.

Do you have a business appointment and would like to use your free time in between appointments or in the evenings for YOUR personal well-being?


Then online coaching is just THE solution.