Life is ordinary when there is a right way for you to grasp all its beautiful simplicities through the complexity of understanding the only tool that makes life so simple: your mind. Dive into the book of extraordinary subconscious phenomena that dictate what your daily thoughts, decision making and behavior looks like. By understanding them, you will be able to understand yourself better as well. When self understanding is reached, doors for self discovery, inner change and peace open, and they let you see things you were not able to see before. This is what this book is focused on: guiding you through all those little daily things that rule your subconscious mind in order to let you be in charge, to give you knowledge on how to successfully harness the power of it. And the best way of doing so is through hypnosis and hypnotherapy, which is something that this book explores in depth, giving you a better understanding of approaching self, your struggles, fears, complete spectrum of emotions and ways of overcoming them.


Everything around us changes, evoking the change within ourselves, that is only possible if we are able to keep up with it, if our emotions adapt to those changes as well. The beautiful, yet often so confusing world around us transforms daily, having its new changes more than often be digital. In such modern society, while seeking for inner peace and calm, we can become isolated in our solitudes, only left to face inner storms and battle ourselves. With feelings of fears, phobias and our own insecurities, it becomes easy to fall into the trap of being clouded by our own emotions, due to those digital transformations in the world we live in. 


Whether the struggles of yours are rooted in fears, phobias, addictive behavior, anger issues, insecurities in romantic life, self doubt, personal struggles, or any other behavioral pattern that you have recognized as unhealthy, this book helps you face the root of those issues though hypnosis and encourages hypnotherapy, showing your its incredible benefits that everyone could use in their daily lives. It addresses the true aspects and meaningful effects of hypnotherapy, encouraging everyone, women and men, to seek for it in order to reach the necessary emotional transformation needed to keep up with the digital transformations in this confusing world around us.


Life is ordinary, life is simple. Learn to see it that way.



Breaking Barriers with Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy teaches you to understand yourself, to find answers within you to all the riddles the world around you seems to have created for you. It encourages you to find answers and analyze them, seeking towards better understanding of self and your subconscious mind. This book introduces you to hypnosis, explaining its origins, benefits and great results that can be achieved with it. It helps you understand hypnosis and hypnotherapy better, encouraging you to find the right hypnotherapist for you, who could help you tackle those fears and struggles that often stand in between your will to succeed and reaching that full potential of yours. This book is there to empower you, help you gain better knowledge and understanding, and motivate and guide you towards becoming the very best version of you, the one you always wanted to be. Make this life ordinary by being extraordinary.