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Hypnotherapy  (Hypnosis)

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy Is a type of tuneful therapy in which hypnosis is used to generate a circumstance of focused attention and increased suggestibility during which positive suggestions and guide imagery are used to help individuals deals with a variety of concerns and issues.


Hypnotherapy is a state of relaxation and focused concentration in which the client is neither fully awake nor fully asleep, this state is called trance. In trance the client is open to suggestions to resolve problems and produce change. Hypnotic trance almost feels like a state of a sleepy daydream or the feeling just before you fall asleep, but each client can experience this slightly differently. Hypnosis does feel very nice and relaxing and gives the feeling well-being and complete mental stillness.



Through hypnosis, we can talk straight away to your subconscious mind and speed up the process of change by changing the programs. And even though your subconscious mind is 10x more powerful than your conscious mind, it readily accepts new information when you bi-pass what we call the critical factor, which is what happens during hypnosis.


Hypnotherapy in Barcelona

What Can It Be Used For?


Stress, habit disorders, over eating, habitual behavior, psychological problem, boosting confidence, phobias and fears, trauma, abuse, depression, post-traumatic stress, sexual problems, medical problems, migraine, pain relief, surgery, childbirth, dentistry, performance enhancement, sport enhancement, creativity, rapid learning. Please take a look at the Treatments link at the top of the page.


Michaela Esswein:

  • certified Hypnotherapist
  • Coach 
  • studying at RMT (Robbins-Madanes Training - St. Barbara - California)


For more than 14 years I’ve been professionally active as a Senior Talent Acquisition Manager and Senior Change Manager with focus on Digital Transformation 



yourfuture.es is a subsidiary of digitalhumans.es